On Sat, 2007-11-24 at 21:21 -0800, Dan Stromberg wrote:
> Evolution has a pretty nice HTML e-mail composition window.
> I've been dreaming of having an HTML editor that would work basically
> like that, so I could point diehard microsoft word fans at and say
> "See, HTML works fine for editing most documents - it's the conversion
> process from word to HTML and back that's flawed".
> What would it take to make a standalone HTML editor out of evolution's
> HTML e-mail composition component?

Evolution merely wraps GtkHTML's Bonobo-based HTML editor with
additional buttons and menus that make it suitable as an email composer.
There's a simple standalone test program in GtkHTML under
components/html-editor/test_editor that may serve as a starting point
for your needs.

I also have a GtkHTML branch called "mbarnes-composer" where I'm
attempting to create an identical GtkWidget-based HTML editor that can
be extended using GtkUIManager instead of Bonobo.

The GtkWidget-based editor is not yet complete, but I do have a working
test program under components/editor/gtkhtml-editor-test.

Matthew Barnes

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