I am currently trying to build ZimbraEvoltuion from
http://zimbra.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/zimbra/trunk/ZimbraEvolution/ .

 Unfortunately, i am hitting a few bugs

1. Zimbra is hardcoded against Evolution 2.6/2.8, and not 2.12 
( hacked around )
2. Zimbra has issues when using intltool m4 macro on Fedora8.
( hacked around )

3. The one where i am stuck

e-shell.h is included by es-event.h, but not available with
evolution-devel on Fedora8.i386

$ grep e-shell /usr/include/evolution-2.12/shell/es-event.h
#include "e-shell.h"

$ rpm -qf /usr/include/evolution-2.12/shell/es-event.h

$ rpm -ql evolution-devel|grep e-shell

>From what i am able to see, e-shell.h is a part of gnome 2.20

$ yum -y update evolution\*
Setting up Update Process
Could not find update match for evolution*
No Packages marked for Update

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