> > Philip, I see PR_Close() being used on its own in two other places in
> > that file, particularly stream_close() but also during error cleanup in
> > socket_connect().  Do either of these locations also need to call
> > PR_Shutdown()?
> Yes, I fixed the other locations in Camel-lite too. Sorry for not
> mentioning that followup of that patch (you can go a few revisions
> higher in Tinymail to see the other PR_Shutdown-s).
> > I'm thinking stream_close() definitely does but maybe not the error
> > cleanup in socket_connect() since a connection has not yet fully been
> > established.
> I just added them to all. If you find a PR_Close where it was not
> needed, let me know.

Looks like there's a couple more PR_Close() calls in e_msgport_destroy()
(libedataserver/e-msgport.c).  I'm assuming these need shutdown too?

Matthew Barnes

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