it probably makes more sense to check *inptr first tho I'm not sure if it will 
actually make a difference.


>>> Philip Van Hoof <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 12/24/07 8:35 AM >>>
While I was merging camel-lite with camel upstream I noticed this one in

@@ -2110,7 +2105,7 @@
                        domain = g_string_append_c(domain, '[');
-                       while (*inptr && camel_mime_is_dtext(*inptr)) {
+                       while (camel_mime_is_dtext(*inptr) && *inptr) {
                                domain = g_string_append_c(domain, *inptr);

I wonder which one is the most correct. It looks to me that first doing
something with *inptr and then testing whether it was NULL doesn't make
as much sense as first testing and then doing something.

So I kinda forgot whether I made this change as a result of a bugfix or
whether somebody upstream made the swap (I think I did it as a bugfix).

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