Hi Jacky,

I've looked over your patch, but unfortunately it is unusable. The patch
is riddled with buffer overflows and incorrect logic.

What types of bugs are you actually trying to fix? What is it about CJK
messages in particular that are not getting decoded properly? Your email
was overly vague.

Your changes to e-iconv can probably be taken if I understand correctly
that GBK is a superset of gb2312 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GBK ),
altho it would have been nice to have gotten some sort of link
explaining that with your original email (or via a ChangeLog entry) :)



On Sun, 2007-12-23 at 23:09 +0800, jacky wrote:
> Hi, all.
> The rfc2047 decoder in libcamel can not decode some
> CJK header correctly. Although some of them are not
> correspond to RFC, but I need to decode it correctly
> and I thought if evolution can display there email
> correctly more people like it.
> So I write a new rfc2047 decoder, and it's in the
> patch. With the patch, libcamel can decode CJK header
> correctly and evolution can display CJK header
> correctly now. I had test it in my mailbox. My mailbox
> has 2000 emails which were sent by evolution,
> thunderbird, outlook, outlook express, foxmail, open
> webmail, yahoo, gmail, lotus notes, etc. Without this
> patch, almost 20% of there emails can't be decoded and
> displayed correctly, with this patch, 99% of there
> emails can be decoded and displayed correctly.
> And I found that the attachment with CJK name can't be
> recognised and displayed by outlook / outlook express
> / foxmail. This is because there email clients do not
> support RFC2184. Evolution always use RFC2184 encode
> mothod to encode attachment name, so the email with
> CJK named attachment can't display in outlook /
> outlook express / foxmail. In thunderbird, you can set
> the option "mail.strictly_mime.parm_folding" to 0 or 1
> for using RFC2047 encode mothod to encode attachment
> name. Can we add a similar option?
> Best regards.
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