I finally got all pieces together (in particular most of the recent
GNOME libs which are missing in Debian Etch), so now I'm building
Evolution trunk each night using Paul Smith's most excellent Makefile

After each build I then run SyncEvolution tests against the EDS API.
These tests cover the synchronous libebook (contacts) and libecal
(calendar, todos, memos). My primary motivation is to catch changes
affecting SyncEvolution before the release, not after it ;-}

I wonder whether this regular building and testing is of interest to
anybody else? The build script sends out a short summary email which
links to full logs for each night; I could easily add other recipients.
For the Evolution build these include the changes since the last build.

I'll probably won't be able to check the logs each day, but if I do and
find build problems, how should I report them? As entry in the GNOME
Bugzilla or an email to this list?

Are there other tests of the EDS API which I should run? If Novel
already does regular testing this probably isn't needed.

[1] http://mad-scientist.us/evolution.html
Bye, Patrick Ohly

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