On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 13:10 +0100, Knut Olav Bøhmer wrote:
> Hi,
> Ok, to be a bit more specific. I just want to open the library (from a
> lisp program using UFFI) , and use it to communicate with a caldav
> server (I want to make a web-interface for caldav using.)
> So I wonder if the functions in the library is documented somewhere.

I'm not sure if it uses a underlying library.

> Or if someone can tell me which functions to use to open a connection
> to the server, and which functions to do queries to the server to use.
> I have not programmed C in many years, so it is quite hard for me to
> start reading the source code.
Ah, I'm not the author of it and unfortunately the author (gicmo) is
pretty busy on gio/gvfs for GNOME 2.22. 

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