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Although perhaps not a written standard, although I'm confident somebody
once wrote this down, are E-mail clients who do it right adding "-- \n"
in front of the signature. This way can receiving E-mail clients and
mailing lists do something with the signature (for example, moving the
personal signature lower, adding advertising or legal warnings).

Evolution is getting this right for text/plain signatures, but not for
text/html ones. For the text/plain signature you don't need to add any
such characters, Evolution will do this for you. For the text/html
signature, you do (inconsistency).

For E-mails where you send both the text/plain and the text/html MIME
parts, you therefore can't really define it for your E-mails. Unless you
change the text/html signature to contain this "-- \n" sequence and not
add it to the text/plain. Or if you don't want it ... well you then
can't really define the desired behaviour for the text/plain one
(inconsistency++ + confusion).

In any case, it's not consistent. Therefore confusing, and in my opinion
therefore incorrect behaviour.

ps. Since in HTML \n is not visible, I'd use "-- \n<br/>"

Philip Van Hoof, freelance software developer
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