On Wed, 2008-04-09 at 17:25 +0800, liushuai wrote:
> I reviewed the code of evolution and also checked all columns in
> evolution message list window. However, I could not find where to
> display the priority of new email? I could not see whether the mail
> was urgent or normal or non-urgent.

Don't know what "non-urgent" is, but in every version of Evolution I've
used there's a column right next to the "new/read/replied" icon column
that marks urgent mail.  On my Ubuntu system it's an orange circle with
a white exclamation mark in it; I think different distros use different
icon sets.

To mark a mail that you received as urgent, you click in that column
next to the mail.

To mark a mail you want to send as urgent, you select Insert ->
Prioritize Message (this is, admittedly, pretty difficult to figure
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