On Tue, 2008-04-15 at 12:43 +0530, svalbard colaco wrote:
> As regard with the broken bonobo build......my make log /install log
> shows no errors.....n gets built smoothly...... and even evolution
> runs but with many things missing in the UI as mentioned
> earlier.......
> So i understand that this strikes out the possibility of a bad/broken
> build in bonobo......

Bonobo probably uses GtkPlug/GtkSocket, which have no implementation on
DirectFB.  I suggest you dig into bonobo to see if that is correct, and
then implement these (if possible at all).

> I wanted to Know what will be the implications of removing/decoupling
> bonobo from evolution package.....
> Is it possble to replace Bonobo functionality by appropriate
> substitutes at the Gdk layer......

One of the long-term goals is to remove Bonobo entirely, but it's a lot
of work.  Your best bet is to add some debugging hooks into the stub
GtkPlug/GtkSocket source to see if they are being called, which would
explain your problem.

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