And I said before many times that 600MB files is pure insanity to begin
with. Writing them takes a huge amount of time, disk-space (if you want
to use an atomic rename) and the smallest corruption in the filesystem
will destroy an entire mailbox (instead of just one file).

Evolution should switch to using Maildir for its local folders.

A filesystem managed by the kernel is a better kind of database than any
kind of one-file based database Evolution developers are going to come
up with, including their MBox code, unless they switch to SQLite or
MySQL Embedded or something like that (but then still, that's pointless
if you will only store file-like blobs anyway).

For example wouldn't deleting (expunging) items require a rewrite of
your 600MB file. Just one unlink() per expunged item.

If tml finds problems using Maildir on FAT32, use in stead of ':' the
character '!' in the filenames of items in tmp, cur and new. This has
been tested with several E-mail clients and solutions already, indeed.

I have voiced this a few times already by the way.

On Fri, 2008-05-09 at 23:57 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
> OK, so i managed to fuck up my POP Inbox for the third time in a few
> weeks, means: every time i switch to another folder i now get an "Error
> storing summary" (or something like that). i've seen some reports about
> this in bugzilla, e.g.
> . the last time i ran
> into this psankar told me to manually edit the mbox file and remove the
> offending email that misses the From line. this is not fun anymore when
> having a 600MB inbox file. a normal user is not willing to learn vim and
> emacs, me neither. if nobody's working on a fix i should consider
> switching to thunderbird.
> andre
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