On Fri, 2008-05-09 at 23:57 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
> OK, so i managed to fuck up my POP Inbox for the third time in a few
> weeks, means: every time i switch to another folder i now get an "Error
> storing summary" (or something like that). i've seen some reports about
> this in bugzilla, e.g.
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=532049 . the last time i ran
> into this psankar told me to manually edit the mbox file and remove the
> offending email that misses the From line. this is not fun anymore when
> having a 600MB inbox file. a normal user is not willing to learn vim and
> emacs, me neither. 

I guess there should have been some recent commit which catalyzes this
break-up-of-mbox. So, we need to just analyze and find out on what
scenarios this is caused.

Earlier, we used to get a folder-summary-mismatch and will not proceed
at all. I have seen some heavy users being saved from that trouble, once
we put in the code to auto-fix the .summary file.

Broken mboxes are one scenario which we have not handled so far and it
will be fixed. May be we will provide: evolution-fix-broken-mbox which
will handle them. (/me remembers fejj's mail sent 2 days back)

However, there are certain important things than fixing broken mboxes,
like moving the summary to a db so that you don't have to hold every
msginfo etc. which we are currently working on. So, operations like mbox
recovery will have to wait for some time.  We will try to identify why
this has started happening frequently for you and will fix this soon,
probably tracked in a bgo bug.


Converting the local store from mbox to maildir will be a better option
for the local accounts. It might create new problems and I will analyze
about this and will come up with a fix if it does not cause any issue. 

And sqlite databases disk-blocks aren't spectacularly closely-written,
when I last iogrinded (ground?) them. And mboxes/maildir are readable by
all sane mail clients and hence makes sense to stick to some common
standard than a single-filed-db. May be I will make a study of this
after the db-based summary work is done.

> if nobody's working on a fix i should consider
> switching to thunderbird.

We will fix this bug as it is critical and comes from a long time user,
whom we want to keep happy :-) However, mail is a hog that tends to bite
if it exceeds a limit, no matter which application we use and we will
try to tame the beast.

> andre

Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the
important. - Charles E. Hummel 

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