Hello all,
         I have noticed new libmapi builds on jjohnny's repo
getting pulled by my Fedora recently, so I try them again
on Exchange 2003. Unfortunately no luck yet - it still reads
the folder structure and then crashes, ending with:

 0 Total : 1
    OpenFolder               : MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND (0x8004010F)
|---+ Tasks           : (Container class: IPF.Task 8BD1C10100000010)
UnRead : 0 Total : 7
|---+ Trash           : (Container class: IPF.Note 69BDFF000000000E)
UnRead : 6 Total : 25
libexchangemapi-Message: exchange-mapi-connection.c(1952):
exchange_mapi_get_folders_list: unlock(connect_lock)
exchange-mapi-connection.c(1954): Leaving
./evolution-start.sh: line 8:  9389 Segmentation fault      evolution

anyway, my question was, is there any discussion group or anything
where I can see what is supposed to change with these releases?
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