Thanks Suman,
On Thu, 2008-05-29 at 16:40 +0530, Suman Manjunath wrote:
> Hi..
> can you run it under gdb and send me/jony a backtrace?
> here's what-to-do:
> $ gdb evolution
> $ (in the gdb console) r -c mail
> $ (when the crash occurs) thread apply all bt

Well, that was clever - it stopped the crash. I never expected that!
    So its a bit hard to send a trace...but I assume timing matters.
OK, it works.  I was able to see SOME of my mail folders, (but
not my new mail inbox) and it only hung when I tried to look at a

> > anyway, my question was, is there any discussion group or anything
> > where I can see what is supposed to change with these releases?
> well.. one notable feature-add was delta fetching in calendars/tasks/memos.
> although, there have been lots of fixes.. :)
Thank you for this - it looks very promising.
> [off-topic]
> The build service project now hosts opensuse-10.3/factory and fedora 8/9.
> -Suman
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