I've been trying in my spare time to dip my feet in the LDAP contacts
backend because, well, there's lots of stuff that it does wrong for me
to the point where it's close to unusable in my real life use.

I'm starting small, and I have some questions that I've already asked
various people IRL or on IRC, but nobody seems to have a good idea, so I
thought I'd join and ask here instead.

1) Does anyone know why the LDAP backend first does an anonymous bind
(which my servers for obvious reasons don't allow) to decide if the
server is up at all ? I don't see the point of not using the credentials
configured here.

2) Is there anything in evolution checeking the
GNOME_Evolution_Addressbook_CallStatus returned from some of the calls ?
It is hugely annoying to not have any clue at all *why* a contact
backend fails.  It got slightly better in evo 2.22 (which shows "Error
loading addressbook" in the widget you get when you click To/CC/Bcc) but
not by much.  Where should I go dig in the Evolution code to show some
useful error messages because of CallStatus returns ?

3) One of the possible reasons of failure for an LDAP backend is not
having the certificate installed, which is an especially important part
to warn about and provide a solution for.  Should I reuse an existing
CallStatus (like AuthenticationFailed) or add one for this case ?

4) Anyone have an idea why right-clicking on an address in a mail,
adding it to addressbook, then selecting an LDAP backend, claims that
the backend is readonly, while it works fine when I go to it in the
contacts view ? My eds debug console shows no LDAP activity meanwhile,
it's not even trying to write to the LDAP server.  This is new in 2.22 -
I didn't have this behaviour in previous releases.

Any help on these questions would be much appreciated, because I look
forward to have a working LDAP contacts backend.


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