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If this isn't appropriate for this list please point me in the right
I'd say evolution-list is a better place for that, as there are most of the users. And I'd expect mainly developers to lurk on evolution-hackers.

To establish a pipe to connect to port 25 of remote-server from port
4025 of localhost, and to port 110 of remote-server from port 4110 of
localhost through ssh, execute on the local machine:

     # ssh -q -L 4025:remote-server:25 4110:remote-server:110 \
                [EMAIL PROTECTED]

> If I can use this, how do I configure Evolution to access these
> ports?
I'll copy the important part again:
> To establish a pipe to connect to port 25 of remote-server from
> *port 4025 of localhost*, and to port 110 of remote-server from
> *port 4110 of localhost*
You then have to make Evo connect to localhost:4025 for the SMTP connection. And localhost:4110 for the POP connection. But you explicitly have to set this SSH tunnel up. Either yourself or through evo.

You can even edit your ~/.ssh/config to include smth like
Host tunnel
  User username
  HostName remotehost
  LocalForward 4110 remotehost:110
  LocalForward 4025 remotehost:25

to have your tunnels set up with just a "ssh tunnel", instead of a "ssh -L 4025:remote-server:25 4110:remote-server:110 [EMAIL PROTECTED]". But as it's not the scope of evolution-hackers at all, I'll point you to ssh_config's man-page for further information.


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