Le lundi 16 juin 2008 à 17:51 +0300, Tor Lillqvist a écrit :
> > you'd get a nice dependency loop in Makefile.
> Welcome to the club. The circular dependencies between shared
> libraries in e-d-s and evolution are "interesting". As you might
> imagine some dirty hacks, er, I mean clever tricks[1], are needed to
> work around the circular dependencies when building this stuff on
> Windows, where there *can't* be unresolved externals in shared
> libraries (i.e. DLLs)...

Fortunately, e-d-s is no longer interlinked with evolution itself ;)

> It would be really nice to cut down the number of shared libraries
> built in e-d-s and evolution. I guess originally there might have been
> some clean hierachy and separation of functionality behind the
> plethora of shared libraries, but the situation has deteriorated quite
> badly, with "components" depending on each others, "generic" libraries
> depending on "components", etc. The ideal would be if one could build
> e-d-s and evo also on Linux with the libtool switch -no-undefined
> (making sure that it actually is enforced, possibly by also using the
> ld switch --no-undefined or something)... Even though Windows in
> general of course is quite braindead, in some respects it enforces
> somewhat cleaner design... the ELF binary format is "too" forgiving
> IMHO... but I probably am biased.

Well, in Mandriva cooker, libtool is "patched" to enable no-undefined
(and as-needed) by default, except on "modules" libraries (ie plugin).
But as I explained in my first mail, we had to disable this mechanism
for evolution.

I think the a11y issue came from the original addition of a11y in
evolution which was done after the initial code was done and it was
decided to keep it in a separate place to prevent people stepping on
others toes.

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