Dear Evolution Team.

Thanks for not testing the integrity of the changed userdocs file.
Thanks for removing too much markup, though required to compile.
Thanks that this means 2.22.3 does not compile out of the box, see .
Thanks for not testing the tarballs you release. It's not the first
Thanks for getting the docs update committed to svn 5 hours before
tarballing, so no translators could update their translations.
Again, thanks for not proofreading anything in evolution.xml - thanks
for keeping the error rate constant, and people in work. Translators
love to update their translations frequently everytime you commit some
spelling fixes and introduce some new ones.

I'm pretty fed up with wasting my time and repeating the same stuff
over and over again, and getting answered that it won't happen again.

Now one may come up with other conclusions, but Novell IS capable to
handle the user docs. I was told that in . That is a good
feeling that lets me sleep warm and comfortable, without any worries.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Yours sincerely,
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