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How does one re-constitute, re-establish, or resuscitate Evo filters?
How does one re-establish the "unread" folder?

I have just been upgraded by my son to Foresight Linux, with evolution
upgraded to  This change did not correct problems that had been
occurring in the previous version.

The previous installed version was Evolution 2.4.1, installed when it
was current, previously upgraded in August, 2005 from 1.0.0 to 2.2.2,
with some difficulties due to database changes (I have upgraded very
rarely d/t a need to avoid support and for system stability). As I
recall, I had to rebuild my files/filters structure.

Malfunction 1: default folder deletion

A few months ago, my "unread mail" folder (a default folder)
mysteriously vanished during a mouse click intended for some other
purpose. Poking around in the menu structure and surveying the help file
didn't reveal a solution on how to resurrect it; in any case, it's an
inconvenience, not a show-stopper. But I'm curious how to get it back.

Malfunction 2: 
Folder/filter unwanted deletion
Incoming Mail misdirection

Several folders mysteriously vanished on May 4th, and perhaps filters

At the same time, all incoming mail began to fail to sort to the Inbox.
After a search I found it is sorting into /Search Folders/Unmatched/
(Currently holding 30057 messages).

I have many folders (default folders + 24, and up to 2 layers of
subfolders) and filters (79). I have more than 30,000 messages dating
back to August, 1998. Perhaps the size of the trove is related to the
malfunction, I don't know.

I am not an evolution expert, simply a naive long-time user for its nice
folder management.

What can I do to recover the 'unread mail' folder and proper incoming
mail sorting to the Inbox?


Dan Johnson

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