On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 10:03 +0100, William John Murray wrote:
> Hello there,
>            I should have reported earlier:
>    libmapi-0.7-69.5.x86_64 
> evolution-mapi-provider-20080730.0-2.2.x86_64
> worked-for-me, in the sense that I could read all my mail folders.
> I had previously reported seeing only half of them. Still no calendar,
> but I think I should not expect it.
> However, 
>    libmapi-0.7-69.6.x86_64
> evolution-mapi-provider-20080812.0-1.1.x86_64
>  do now work. I can see the email previously stored, but no more is
> downloaded. 

Right! Looks like i've broken it. Will fix it ASAP.

> Lots of:
>    camel-mapi-store.c(158):camel_mapi_store_get_type:Reached 
>   are printed; it doesn't sound worrying. Is it?

Yep. They are just some debug printfs. :) 

Thanks a lot !

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