On Fri, 2008-08-15 at 00:22 -0400, Pat Suwalski wrote:
> Hello,
> I have more or less taken over maintenance of the evolution-scalix 
> connector. I am, admittedly, not very familiar with Evo.
> I am requesting help as the update to Evolution 2.22.3 breaks 
> Ubuntu/8.04, Debian Sid, and Fedora/9 in different and interesting ways. 
> Everything worked very nicely with the earlier 2.22 versions in the 
> distributions mentioned.
> Ubuntu and Debian:
> After the upgrade, Evo basically sits there indefinitely trying to 
> synchronize eMail. I get "Fetching envelopes", then it sits at 
> "Generating message list" and "Refreshing folder" for ever. If I start 
> in offline mode, or press the button to go offline during "Fetching 
> envelopes", everything seems to behave properly once I go online. I 
> noticed some commits not long ago to the exchange plugin regarding 
> offline/online mode. Any suggestions?
> Fedora:
> Doesn't seem to have the above problem. But the calendar appears to stay 
> read-only. That is, no new appointments can be added to the remote 
> calendar. The calendar communication is actually handled by 
> evolution-scalix, so perhaps this is internal to the plugin. I haven't 
> gotten very far in debugging this, but if anyone is aware of any changes 
> that might have triggered this kind of behaviour, I'd love to hear of them.
> Perhaps someone more familiar with the changes can comment and offer 
> some direction to solutions. I am not quite sure how to begin debugging 
> either of these.
> Thanks,
> --Pat

it would be nice to open a bug on http://bugzilla.gnome.org and paste
there the state of evolution in time of the "freeze" (just let it
"freeze", attach gdb to it, do "thread apply all bt" and paste the
result to the bug). There will be shown what it does. Maybe similar
things for other processes, like eds, your evo-scalix, would show more
info too, I do not know.

The other issue (readonly calendar), hmm, that will be harder, I guess.

Please let us know the bug number, so it will be trackable.
        Thanks and bye,

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