Hi there,
  I've been loooking at retaking the efforts in the SWIG bindings for
eds, and looking at the same time at the new technologies in the GNOME
stack. I think the current direction of the bindings are pretty much a
dead end because there are 2 technologies that can be used to gain the
same effect with less effort. The first on  would be gobject
introspection, which, while not mature enough, can probably be used to
get a similar bindings to the current ones. Pros of this approach
would be a lesser burden of maintenance for the binding writer and a
nearly always up to date binding. The second approach would be writing
a DBUS interface to the e-d-s so that all languages DBUS capable would
be able to use the e-d-s. I think this would be the best approach  as
you can have some sort of API stability with other programs without
carving e-d-s stone, have language independence and it does seem to be
where the GNOME desktop is heading to (and the OpenMoko guys seem to
be already doing this[1]).

What do you guys  think?

[1] http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/D-Bus
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