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>  Sorry for bugging you again but there is some stuff I would like to
> know. Is the e-d-s <--> libebook DBus interface good enough for
> scripting purposes (or is it documented somewhere so I can see it)?

No, I wouldn't call it good enough for scripting purposes, because
you'll need to provide your own vcard or icalendar parser/serialiser.
Also you'll need to know how the query language is expressed
(s-expressions) to do anything useful.  Unless you bring your own vcard
and icalendar parsers, and ask that the application developer writes
s-expressions themselves to search, you'll want more than a DBus

Note that at present the DBus API isn't stable, so it can and does
change from time to time.  The interfaces are documented in svn, in
the .xml files in the libedata-(cal|book)-dbus directories.

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