I wanted to clarify the documentation for camel_store_free_folder_info()
a bit. In found myself altering its implementation. Rationale is
(obviously) to simply make sure that camel_store_free_folder_info()
handles a NULL return of camel_store_get_folder_info() gracefully so my
documentation change is actually always correct. Any comments on this
(entirely untested) change before spamming b.g.o.?

Index: camel/camel-store.c
--- camel/camel-store.c (revision 9463)
+++ camel/camel-store.c (working copy)
@@ -882,11 +882,15 @@
  * @store: a #CamelStore object
  * @fi: a #CamelFolderInfo as gotten via #camel_store_get_folder_info
- * Frees the data returned by #camel_store_get_folder_info
+ * Frees the data returned by #camel_store_get_folder_info. If @fi is %NULL,
+ * nothing is done, the routine simply returns.
 camel_store_free_folder_info (CamelStore *store, CamelFolderInfo *fi)
+       if (!fi)
+               return;
        g_return_if_fail (CAMEL_IS_STORE (store));
        CS_CLASS (store)->free_folder_info (store, fi);

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