On Thu, 2008-08-21 at 12:37 +0530, Chenthill wrote:
>       Thanks, I will send out a mail to the list mentioning the critical
> fixes which have gone in recently in the stable branch which needs to be
> taken into the distro's.

Bug #548268 is in trunk (thanks Chenthill!) and tested automatically
now. The test showed that the time zones in South America and Australia
were also affected.

I think we should send out that bug list to the distributors ASAP.
Debian Etch is already frozen. Chenthill, do you have the list ready and
can you send it both to this list and the distributor list?

My own proposal for inclusion are
      * 548268: time zone conversion incorrect
      * 546934: [Exchange Connector] contact change tracking is broken
        (required by SyncEvolution)
      * 499932: [Bug 499932] Not deleting from e-mail server after specified 

Bye, Patrick Ohly

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