Am Sonntag, den 07.09.2008, 17:09 -0500 schrieb Isaac Karjala:
> I'm not sure if maybe this should go to the more general evolution
> list

The mailing list description clearly says "Discussion about Evolution
code", so the general evolution list would be much more appropriate,

>  but I lost the password to my gmail.  The correct password is stored
> in Evolution for retrieving mail, how ever an incorrect password is
> stored for sending mail.

This is vague. Which evolution version is this, which distro, does it
use gnome-keyring?

> The password is normally generated and stored in keepassx

What is that?!

> , but apperently I accidentially changed the stored password.  it's
> 100 characters of complete jibberish, the answer to the security
> question is also 100 characters of complete jibberish and there is no
> "parent" email to reset the password through.

Great. Get a new gmail account and don't use jibberish again.


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