On Thu, 2008-09-18 at 22:52 -0400, IGnatius T Foobar wrote:
> >> I have applied Chenthill's memory management patches (only to the 
> >> 'libical' directory and to the examples -- still have to do the 
> >> 'libicalcap' and 'libicalss' directories) using function names ending in 
> >> "_r".  
> > IMHO, HANDLE_LIBICAL_MEMORY can be removed.
> >   
> Ok folks, it's done ...
> The remaining portions of libical (libicalcap and libicalss) have been 
> converted to the "_r" API.   (The test suite still uses the old API and 
> will continue to do so for a while.)
> Now is the time for Evolution code to be updated to use the new calling 
> syntax.
> Is there anything we can do to facilitate this, or should we just hang 
> out and wait for you folks to kick the tires on the new library?  Let me 
> know...
I will make the changes and test it over this weekend.

thanks, Chenthill.

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