Dear Evolution Members,

I am trying to design a small application to import my windows mobile
contacts into evolution. At the moment I am able to export my win mobile
contact into a CSV file. The only thing I need to do now is to transform
this CSV file to a format that evolution mail can understand. 

So I am considering:

1. Creating a vcard that evolution mail can import.

This is pretty straight forward. The only thing I have not figured out
is how to generate a UID for the vcard. Does anyone know what is the
algorithm that evolution mail to generate the UID ? Or even better is
there an API that I can use to generate the UID ?

2. Creating an evolution mail csv file.

This should be even simpler, but I cant find the csv file format that
evolution mail can understand. I played around with the may evolution
mail contact exporter. But it seems that evolution mail can only export
the contacts to vCard. Does anyone know the CSV format for evolution
mail ?


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