I am interested in using EDS in my own projects. I looked for any docs
that would be useful to learn EDS architecture, but only found API
reference, which is not so helpful. I'd like to build a big picture of
how EDS works. Can anybody point me to proper document?

I also have two more specific questions. Firstly, is there any kind of
software that can be used to synchronize data from EDS using opensync
framework, without actually using Evolution? I'd like to use it in an
embedded environment (OpenMoko Freerunner). I know that there is 'sync'
from pimlico-project, but the webpage says it is in a very early state.

Secondly, I'd like to add to EDS content my own fields. Looking at the
API reference I see functions to get list of allowed fields (like
e_book_get_supported_fields), but I guess the server has to implement
them to be working properly? I'd like to add things like XMPP ID or
private notes to contacts, or GPS location or adding more detailed
categories for events.

Thanks in advance,
Tomasz Melcer

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