Am Freitag, den 19.09.2008, 17:48 -0300 schrieb Fabio Rafael da Rosa:
> I'm implementing synchronization with google contacts for instant
> messaging information on conduit. While implementing, i noticed that
> evolution does not have entries for some IM's like google talk and
> skype. First I thought on implementing some kind of transalation(for
> google talk is easier, because it's jabber anyway... ), but, for things
> like skype, for example, it's a problem, so now I think it's better if a
> try to create it on evolution(create a patch for evo).
> But, I would like to hear from an evo developer what's better in this
> case. 

I'm not a developer, but with regard to any *potential* API changes or
code additions, feel free to also consider improving integration of
Evolution with the telepathy/empathy framework that we now have in GNOME

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