Evolution / Foresight Linux / Gnome 2.22.3

Problem: random folder disappearance, filter modification

Questions: is this a known bug?

        Any suggestions for finding the vanished email trove?

Event: with an old,old version of Evo several folders and filters
disappeared in May, and a sub-sub folder somehow became my inbox; and
after an August upgrade and manually restoring the essential filters and
folders, order was restored.

Now, between 9/30 and 10/2, one of my sub-sub folders vanished,
containing a 10-year trove of email on a particular set of topics. The
filter pointing to this folder no longer pointed to anything.

I restored the folder and filter, 'selected' all my inbox messages, and
struck ctrl-Y to transfer all the appropriate messages to the restored

I examined every folder and search folder in my installation, and all
the old emails from the missing folder have vanished.

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