On Mon, 2008-10-06 at 18:35 +0100, Rob Bradford wrote:
> Okay. Have you got these details? It would be good to see which of those
> still apply, etc..

        Sure - the original rational here (AFAIR) is quite simple.

        If you share the same .evolution across multiple machines, and the
version of libstupid is different: bad luck, you loose your contacts.

        Basically all database-y things seem to love back-compatibility ( if
you're lucky ), but the idea of forward compatibility seems to
completely bypass them; the concept that the functionality is good
enough already, and doesn't require further file-format breakage is
apparently not present ;->

        AFAIR the addressbook usages of libdb for the local addressbook were
annoying enough in previous instances that we moved to having an
internal version.

        What I'd love to see instead, is a one-shot migration to a simple plain
text, authoritative file with the contacts and then (perhaps) optionally
a binary cache I guess. But for the volume of data there, presumably
slurping it and grokking it with some small / simple piece of code would
be rather more efficient. Ultimately contact searches are in response to
user-input, so we have loads of time to do work there.



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