I've been doing some investigation of HTML view components for gtk+, and
I've seen several mentions that Evolution is going to move from GtkHtml3
to WebKit.  I've looked at the API for the GTK port, and I don't see any
equivalent to the "link_clicked" signal handling capabilities of
GtkHtml--even in the core C++ API.

Question #1:  If Evo goes to WebKit, how will this functionality be
implemented in terms of WebKit?  Is there plans to add it already?  I
have asked Alp Toker a similar question, but I haven't seen a reply yet.

I have noticed that Android's implementation of WebKit does include such
an API handler, but it doesn't seem to be part of the main WebKit
codebase (based on a few recursive greps for shouldOverrideUrlLoading).

So far, none of the available alternatives to GtkHTML seem to provide
such a hook, including mozilla, which has an open bug on the
functionality being missing.  I'm working on a prototype hypermedia
application with a lot of internal links, and I don't want to go to the
effort of implementing a custom protocol handler for mozilla (or, I'm
guessing WebKit has something similar too) when the linked-clicked
functionality does the job brilliantly.

Any info or thoughts you have on the above would be most appreciated.

Question #2:  If I'm going to be "stuck" with GtkHTML, where would one
begin to add CSS support?  GtkHTML2 isn't a runner--it can't even do
selections properly.  In a *very* quick scan through the current SVN
source, it looks like there's a lot of work done already to isolate
styles into the HTMLStyle and HTMLEngine classes.

Obviously, this isn't trivial or it would've been done before, but I was
just trying to get some kind of idea.  Any thoughts on this would also
be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Andrew S. Townley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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