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>       So there is at least some bound to the growth of the deleted UUID
> log ;-) which is the size / likelyhood of re-use in the UUID space.
>       It's hard to think of solutions that are that satisfying; but - perhaps
> something like cropping the deletion log-size at a percentage of stored
> mail size, with some "log overflow" type message to flag that; or having
> some arbitrary size bound on it, or more carefully disabling logging
> when search services are disabled, or ... having only a single client,
> or warning the user that they should run their search service some more,
> or perhaps even coupling the indexing piece more closely to the mailer
> itself somehow.

After some discussion on IRC we decided to add a "Cleanup" method to the
registrar's interface. This method will be called whenever Evolution has
a reason to believe that the `last_checkout` date as passed during the
registry of the registrar has become (or is) too old.

After the Cleanup Evolution will do a re-import using mostly SetMany.

I have updated http://live.gnome.org/Evolution/Metadata for this.

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