I'd like to ask, what are the plans for supporting completely GroupDAV /
CalDAV / CardDAV / or simply calendars/todo's/journals/contacts over plain

AFAIK the current stable version supports:

 • CalDAV: now complete (calendar, todo, journal) (since 2.25)
 • CardDAV: not implemented
 • GroupDAV/plain WebDAV: only adressbook (since 2.24)

(Plus there was once some GroupDAV plugin, but I wasn't able to get it work,
see http://www.groupdav.org/implementations.html ...)

My question is: is there a plan form implementing GroupDAV/WebDAV for
calendar/todo/journal? And: is it supposed to be separate "connector" for
GroupDAV and CalDAV/CardDAV? Wouldn't it be better to have a generic one
that would be able to handle both: simpler GroupDAV servers as well as
full-fledged CalDAV/CardDAV?

Petr Tomasek
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