Hi guys,

        I was just trying to reproduce some migration performance tests with my
mbox and summary data rsync'd from a 32bit machine to a 64bit machine.

        Surprisingly this appears to crash immediately. Looking at the
camel-file-utils.c code I was surprised to see simultaneously an
apparent concern for network byte ordering:

camel_file_util_encode_fixed_int32 (FILE *out, gint32 value)
        guint32 save;

        save = g_htonl (value);
        if (fwrite (&save, sizeof (save), 1, out) != 1)
                return -1;
        return 0;

        and also things like:


        that appear to generate data based on the sizeof the platform's time_t
- on my 64bit machine time_t is 8 bytes, on 32bit it is only 4.

        Presumably this summary code is made obsolete by the new SQLite summary
code - and modulo some data as to what architecture a file was written
by it's perhaps less than obvious how to fix this. Also - why we're not
using fgetc_unlocked in these tight loops I don't know.

        I guess I need an old evo. version to re-build all my summaries for
64bit now; or am I barking up the wrong tree ?



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