On 07.01.2009 22:20, Stefano Canepa wrote:
> 2) what's going wrong the evolution built by jhbuild?
The build itself works properly, right? Running your newly build
Evolution fails, if I read your log correctly.

To run evolution, you should do a "jhbuild run evolution". It is not
clear to me, what "evolution-cvs" is or does.

Also, you should do an "export LANG=C" to reset the language before you
post any logs, because reading messages in your language might be
difficult for somebody ;-)

What I can guess from the error messages is, that you run an old gconfd
on your host system and don't run the new, dbus-ified GConfD from jhbuild.

Try to run the gconf deamon from your jhbuild prefix. i.e.
"jhbuild run /opt/gnome/libexec/gconfd-2 &" before you run your

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