On Tue, 2009-01-13 at 17:36 +0000, Chenthill wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-01-13 at 14:50 +0000, Ross Burton wrote:
> > At present it contains a minimal port of the addressbook part of
> > eds-dbus to a fairly current (~1 week old) EDS tree.  This mostly works
> > and after a little cleanup should be ready for more testing. 


> > So, the gist of this rambling message is this: to merge the DBus port in
> > the current state I'd need to add a context argument to all of the
> > methods in e-cal-backend.  This will break API and I'll obviously be
> > fixing the backends which are shipped as part of EDS at the same time.
> > The good news is that the e-cal-backend-sync helper class effectively
> > shields users of that from the change, so this affects less backends
> > than you'd expect.

        Sounds rather good.

> > Any comments?

        As long as you don't break the addressbook API, or ABI I'm happy
enough ;-) Those are the only bits OO.o uses, and by ABI I mean the
behaviour of libebook-1.2.so.9 and it's name / version [ configure.in



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