Obama -- The Judas Goat
By David Duke

Judas Goat\ A goat that leads other goats or sheep to slaughter. Also, one who 
entices into danger and betrays others. The name is an allusion to Judas 
Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of slaughter. (From Merriam 
Webster’s Dictionary)

Barack Hussein Obama is a Judas Goat.

Extremist Jews guided Barack Hussein Obama’s career from day one, even all the 
way back to Harvard Law School.  Radical Zionist hitman, David Axelrod 
previously orchestrated the Jewish-financed and organized defeat of perceived 
anti-Zionist Sen. Charles Percy. He is the man who ran Obama’s campaign for 
President and who is his chief handler. Obama’s campaign was overwhelmingly 
financed by the most powerful Zionist bankers in the world. His campaign’s 
largest contribution source was the Zionist international banking firm of 
Goldman Sachs. (FEC campaign records). In both Obama’s Senate and Presidential 
campaign he prostrated himself before AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs 
Committee) promising even more money and blood for Israel’s terrorism than even 
the supine John McCain, and even more money and blood than the previous Shabbez 
Goy in the White House, George Bush. Before the Israeli terrorism and mass 
murder in Gaza, he went to Israel and said that he supported Israel’s p
 lanned murderous terrorism against the men, women and children of Gaza.

His first act as President-elect was to appoint a rabid Zionist, Israeli dual 
citizen who served in the Israeli Army as his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel. As 
thousands of women and children in Gaza were killed or maimed, Obama remained 
silent. Within a few days as President Obama supported indiscriminate American 
missile strikes in villages of our ally Pakistan, a clear continuation of 
Bush’s policies.  He completely supports the theft of trillions of American 
taxpayer dollars to the Zionist international bankers. Eighty percent of 
American Jews voted for Obama, and all the main leaders of the Jewish 
Supremacist state of Israel have proclaimed Obama as the perfect man for U.S. 

What better for the Zionists to have their own servant perceived as a clean 
break from the Jewish extremist-controlled Bush administration? What better 
than for the Zionists than to have their Shabbez Goy be treated by the world’s 
press and even by much of the anti-Zionist community as a man of “real change?” 
What better for the Zionists than for the world to think that Obama will be a 
change from the Zionist-controlled policies when he willing to do anything that 
Israel demands? What better for the Zionist murderers to have their craven 
puppet be looked at by the whole world as a man of honor and integrity and 

In the slaughterhouse, the Judas Goat is often painted with bright colors, 
adorned with strong, sweet scents to lure the sheep to their pens and to their 
death. Obama, the Judas Goat of our time, is looked upon by millions of 
Zionist-propagandized sheep as the man who will lead them to salvation.

Instead, he leads America, Palestine and the world to the bloody altar of 
Jewish Supremacism.

Any supposed anti-Zionist who praises Barack Obama is actually aiding this 
Judas Goat to lead us all to slaughter. Every person who truly opposes Jewish 
extremism must speak out and expose the Judas Goat named Barack Obama!

– Dr. David Duke

Former Member of the House of Representatives

State of Louisiana

United States of America

It is up to you the people of the United States who can still think freely,  
and up to all of the people of the world who are able to see through the 
deceptions of the Zionist-influenced Global media  -- to get this simple, 
powerful message to everyone on earth. Email this message to your friends, post 
it on forums and websites and put links to it on every website, facebook or 
other media in the world. Go and seek out media and Internet sites not 
controlled by Zionist power. Make youtube videos of this message, (use the 
short audio and find good illustrative pictures) and post it untill your 
fingers are worn and tired, print it and mail it to newspapers or any media 
outlet that has still not fallen under the propaganda of the Zionists. Let the 
world know the truth. Person by person, in the USA, Canada, UK, France, 
Germany, Italy, japan, Russia, China, Africa, Palestine, South America and 
across the whole world this Judas Goat must be exposed for what he is, so that 
when begin
 s to do his evil for Israel, the whole world will know exactly what is going 
on and resist!

Source : http://www.davidduke.com/general/obama-the-judas-goat_7317.html


Why is the President of Israel, the terrorist who just oversaw the Zionist mass 
murder and maiming of thousands of Palestinians so happy
that Obama is President of the USA?
by David Duke

Read the excerpt from the Israeli News about how President Perez and Israel 
think that Obama’s becoming U.S. President is great day
for Israel.

"Israel’s President Shimon Peres ecstatic over the election of Obama"
Ronen Medzini Israel News Jan. 21

“Today is a great day not only for the United States of America, but for the 
entire world,” President Shimon Peres wrote in a letter
addressed to Barack Obama on the day of his inauguration as president of the 
United States.

“Obama was elected by the United States, but as a matter of fact, he was chosen 
by the whole of humankind,”

Why is Peres so ecstatic?

Why shouldn’t he be, he knows that Obama is completely in the grip of the 
extremist Jewish Zionists in America, and he knows that the
greater Obama’s popularity and idol worship, the more Obama can do for the 
International Zionist Cause.

Any thinking and caring human being who realizes that the Zionist-controlled 
American foreign policy has been a disaster for the robbed
and murdered people of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and a catastrophe for the 
50,000 American wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well
as an economic catastrophe for the hardworking Americans who pay trillions to 
finance these wars for Israel -- must wake up the fact that
supporting Obama and increasing his popularity  will only aid Zionist 
terrorism, war, and their murder and oppression of the Palestinians. It
will also hasten the economic suffering of billions of people around the world 
as his popularity enables him to more easily aid the Zionist
International Bankers steal the wealth of the United States, Europe and the 
world.  Obama is totally in the bloodstained and green ink-
stained hands of the Zionists. The hard truth is that the more good will and 
support Obama has also gives more power to support the
Zionist agenda!

Mark my words. The Obama Presidency will be disaster for America and for the 

Obama was put into office by the Zionists. His top two cohorts for years have 
been the radical Jews David Axelrod and Rahm
Emmanuel. Both have long records of radical Zionism and have been attack dogs 
against anyone perceived as having the slightest
opposition to Israel. One such victim was Sen. Charles Percy, who both men 
worked to defeat and destroy because he dared to only be
99 percent rather than 100 percent pro-Israel. Rahm Emmanuel, a dual citizen of 
Israel who went to fight for Israel, he has a long
pedigree of Jewish extremism. His father served in the Irgun Terrorist Gang and 
he himself is named after an Irgun terrorist.

Zionist leaders in Chicago actually call Obama “the first Jewish President” and 
boast that Jews were key players in Obama’s every step
up the ladder to President.

from the very earliest days, extremist Jews were the largest contributors to 
his campaign. In the beginning of his Presidential bid, three
Hollywood Jews that constantly make movies about Jewish suffering, but never 
about the Zionist terrorism and theft against the
Palestinian people, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg 
raised 1.2 million for Obama in a single Hollywood party.

By the time Obama’s campaign was in full swing, he had huge support from the 
criminal Zionist International Banking firms such as
Goldman Sachs and Lehman brothers. Goldman Sachs was Obama’s biggest single 
contributor, and his vast war chest came not from
American manufacturing firms like GM or even American oil companies, (not one 
was in his top twenty) it was overwhelmingly dominated
by Zionist international bankers, the same ones whose thievery and fraud are 
giving the world this economic depression.

For those looking for meaningful social and political change, do you really 
think it will come from this man who has already been bought
heart, head and soul by the most powerful czars of the international financial 
establishment and the biggest globalists in the world?

I know that many are desperate for change, so desperate that you want to 
believe anything. But in the face of these facts can’t you see
that Obama will be even more dangerous to freedom and justice than even George 
Bush and his band of Neocons were. What better
way to wipe out George Bush’s hated legacy and make the world believe that 
America has really changed than with the election of
Obama. But, all the real Zionist power, Zionist media power, and Zionist 
financial power in America is still in place, even stronger than

Many Americans and others around the world who want to do good are now telling 
us how wonderful Obama will be as president. What
a great change it will be from the old policies. This is because of the 
Zionist-Controlled media hype, promoting Obama. The fact is that
these poor sods are ignorantly helping the radical Zionist agenda in Israel and 
around the world.

Every day that you don’t help expose Obama for the Zionist servant that he 
actually is, his popularity will be a greater danger to peace
and freedom.

If the Zionist terrorist Shimon Perez is happy about the coronation of Obama, 
then why in the hell should you be?

–David Duke

Source : http://www.davidduke.com/general/7303_7303.html

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