I've been writing a full C library to access GData-based services, with
the aims of:

1. rewriting Totem's YouTube plugin in C,
2. providing a useful desktop-wide way to access Google services, and
3. merging it with the libgdata and libgdata-google in e-d-s' tree, such
that e-d-s depends on a proper, external library for its Google Calendar
server backend.

I'm getting to the stage where it would be possible to merge with the
code in e-d-s' libgdata, but obviously this can only happen if the
authors of e-d-s' libgdata agree and think this is a good idea. If you
want to keep your libgdata separate and untouched, I'm happy to go along
with that, although it seems like a missed opportunity as regards
reducing code duplication across the desktop.

The code is currently on Github[1], with the beginnings of Google
Calendar support in a branch[2], but the eventual aim is to move it to
GNOME SVN (or git, or whatever) and move it into the desktop platform.

Philip Withnall

[1]: http://github.com/pwithnall/libgdata/tree/master
[2]: http://github.com/pwithnall/libgdata/tree/calendar

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