I was wondering if anyone knew of any plans or quick fixes to get e-d-s' IMAP4 provider building again (--enable-imap4=yes). With the 2.24.5 release it breaks with the following:

camel-imap4-utils.c: In function ‘uidset_add’:
camel-imap4-utils.c:309: error: ‘CamelFolderSummary’ has no member named ‘messages’

The same is true in current trunk.

Investigating the changes that cause this reveals a whole snowball of "madagascar" changes.

The plan was to bring the evolution-scalix plug-in, which is based on the imap4 code, up to date. However, looking at the changes made to the plain old imap code (revision 9125), I'm in over my head. I just don't have a grasp on what all of these functions do, let alone the changes to them.

Any help would be appreciated.

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