On Mon, 2009-06-22 at 20:43 +0200, Filipe Nepomuceno wrote:
> The problem I'm having now is when I ask for the folderinfo it returns
> a null pointer at the point indicated below.
> Evolution is set-up with a gmail pop account. When I tried it with the
> IMAP settings it worked and I managed to get the CamelFolders.

Might be that it uses "On This Computer" for storing/showing mails. Look
for mail-component.c:mc_setup_local_store for an example how to open the
local store. (There should be enough to construct proper URL and use it
like the one from an EAccount structure, I guess.) See also
load_accounts in the same file, as you do not check for enabled accounts

> The other thing I don't understand is the threading thing. Could
> someone please explain that.

I'm afraid this is out of scope of this mailing list. What do you mean

> One more question, I cant seem to compile the devel-guide, is there an
> online version of it? I've just been grepping everything and wanted to
> know if there is some kind of API out there that makes it easier.

Hmm, I usually look around the code. Some information can be found also
on http://go-evolution.org but I've no idea how much accurate/up-to-date
it is. Maybe someone else knows where to find the online devel-doc

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