On Tue, 2009-06-23 at 22:43 +0200, Filipe Nepomuceno wrote:
>            for(j = 0; j < uids->len; i++)
                                      ^^^ use 'j' here?

Try to differentiate between "hang" and "busy loop", there is a little
difference between them :)

Also, those returned CamelObjects are supposed to be unreffed too, not
just free your array. Even I cannot tell you from this code part, as
it's not complete. (Those mail-ops functions I pointed you earlier are
unreffing arguments itself, at the end, thus in the best you should ref
them, and when done with them unref them. There is no reffing necessary
when you use it in the "done" callback only, but when you left the
callback and still need the pointer, then there should be a ref and
unref done. Just to ensure you'll not lose the pointer before you are
done with it. I think. Check the code where those are used in

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