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> Hello guys,
> This mail is to announce some of the role changes in the Evolution project. I 
> have been thinking about this for a long time, and I feel that this is the 
> best time to implement them.
> I am proud to announce Chenthill P (chen) as the new Evolution maintainer. He 
> is a long time contributor to the Evolution project and has been working in 
> the project for over 5 years.  He is well known in the community for his 
> expertise in Calendar component and has been its maintainer for the last 4 
> years.  He has been one of the prime contributors for the Groupwise provider 
> and Microsoft Exchange Calendar. A few of his notable contributions include 
> libical integration with System timezone for better Daylight savings support, 
> single-model-view design of Calendar MVC and removal of libical fork.   He 
> has mentored interns and GSOC students on Calendar search improvements, 
> Microsoft Exchange Delegation support, Google Calendar integration etc.

Congrats Chen and Matthew. I am sure evo will continue to rock and
make rapid strides.

Srini, great job over the past two years. Merging disk summary and
continuing improvements have made everyone sit up and take notice.


> I am also proud to announce that Matthew Barnes (mbarnes) is joining 
> Chenthill and support him as the Evolution co-maintainer. He has been 
> contributing towards Evolution for over 3 years and is the Mail maintainer 
> for the last 2 years. He has made significant contributions towards 
> obsoleting several libraries, and helping to migrate to newer technologies. 
> He has been working on Kill-Bonobo which is a major revamp of Evolution 
> Shell. This involves rewriting Evolution components and UI which is a focus 
> area for Evolution 3.0.
> Going forward, I will be focusing on improving evolution infrastructure for 
> netbooks and other devices; chen and mbarnes would be driving the Evolution 
> project direction and releases.
> Please join me in congratulating chen and mbarnes, and in wishing them good 
> luck in their new roles.
> -Srini.
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