Would anyone object to removing the --force-migrate command-line option
in future unstable releases?  It seems to have outlived its usefulness,
and is actually quite dangerous for the unsuspecting bleeding-edge user.

From what I can tell, it forces Evolution to migrate files from the old
1.4-era ~/evolution directory layout to our current ~/.evolution (note
the dot) directory layout, presumably for testing purposes.

Looks to me like it was written as a quick and temporary hack.  There's
a few problems with it:

  - Most importantly, it blows away your all your account information
    in GConf and your entire ~/.evolution directory without so much as
    an "are you sure?" prompt.

  - Also, it doesn't even check whether there's anything to migrate
    before destroying all your data.

  - How many users really need to migrate 1.4-era files these days

If no one objects before next weekend I will remove the option in time
for 2.27.5.  Silence is consent.

Matthew Barnes

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