Evolution Hackers,

   Greetings;  Would anyone be willing to write a command line utility or 
reduced API that would fulfill the following requirements?

-Acts as an email client for Microsoft Exchange
 -- Sends emails
 -- Receives emails
 -- Retrieves email lists
 -- Retrieves folder lists
 -- Analagous or similar to the openchange-client that utilizes libmapi
-Utilizes RPC over HTTP (as opposed to libmapi)
-Runs on a linux platform

   This tasker was assigned to me and needs to be done within a couple weeks, 
but I doubt I'll be able to get it done in that timeframe, so I am exploring 
alternatives to send to the boss-man.  I am sending this to evolution-hackers 
because I think Evolution's evolution-exchange is the most viable avenue.  I 
imagine the pay would be roughly equivalent to my rate, which isn't half bad.  
The boss may or may not release the result under GPL.  If you have interest 
and/or questions, please let me know.


Aaron Moate
Linux Toolsmith
EADS NA Defense Company S3 Inc.
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