On Thu, 2009-08-13 at 09:03 +0800, Saint yeyo wrote:
> >       Hi,
> >maybe I will sound silly, but what type a bf is? What is its parent
> >object? You know, you just give here some expression from somewhere.
> >The context is missing, at least for me.
> >       Bye,
> >       Milan
> sorry,
> the data struct is like following:
> EBookBackend *backend;
> EBookBackendFile *bf = E_BOOK_BACKEND_FILE (backend);
> DB             *db = bf->priv->file_db; // here occurence segmentation
> fault
> then  I tried
> backend = malloc(sizeof(EBookBackend));
> backend->priv = malloc(sizeof(ebookbackendvcfprivate));
> backend->priv->file_db = malloc(sizeof(DB));
> it's better, but still can't access the address of file_db, how can I
> do,
> than you. 

EBookBackend is a GObject, you should create it by g_object_new call.
But, you should never need to create a backend on your own, you should
use EBook with a proper ESource.

What exactly are you trying to do, please?

P.S.: Please, never ever reply to digest, at least on evo lists.
Moreover, you kept there all the mail long because of quoting 5 lines of
text? That's not nice. Not talking about broken threading.

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