Well, as you might know, today there was the switch from savings time to
CET here in Europe.
At 3 am, clocks are reset to 2 am. Well, at about 1:40 am, I entered a
new event into calendar, setting the alarm notifier to 1 minute before
the event. But no alarm notifier occurred.
I had forgotten that the time switch was about to occur.
Then I added a new event, tried to set the time using the "now" button,
but it gave the wrong time, one hour back to the actual time. I
reconfigured tzdata, checked the timezone preferences in evolution,
which was set to system time.
Well, finally, when it was 3 am and my system clock would make the
switch as expected, evolution would behave correctly again. Seems, as if
evolution doesn't make the switch at the correct time!


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