I would like to know if there is anybody working on implementing
auto-expiring folders in evolution. I think one good way of doing it
would be to improve the filter system in order to have per-folder
filters and the posibility to schedule this filters (for example on
exit). Having this kind of feature would bring incredible functionality
to current filter system. You should have another filter config screen
when you define filters on a per folder basis. Each filter could be
applied to all, or only a selection of folders, and each filter could be
run on demand or at a certain event (for example, exiting, going
offline, receiving new email). With this two feature we would have long
standing feature request solved, for example auto-expiring folders
should be trivial using a filter to delete messages older than N days on
your prefered folders when going offline or exiting.

I was thinking of implementing the auto-expiring folder as an EPlugin,
but I think that using filters would be the right thing to do, and
having per-folders schedulable filters will solve not only this but a
lot of other requests. I don't know how difficult this could be, but I
think it would be way out of the posibilities of an EPlugin, and quite
easier if reusing existing message filters code. Is there any posibility
to get this implemented? Or should I just start coding my auto-expiring
folders plugin :-D


- german

PS: Please CC to me as I'm not subscribed to the list.

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