On Sat, 2009-11-07 at 12:12 -0800, Max Vallejo Reyna wrote:
> I have been monitoring Evolution's development for several years,
> however my email client is Thunderbird.
> Do you know why do I use Thunderbird?
> That is only by one simple functionality that doesn't have Evolution.
> In Thunderbird, the option to "Leave email in the server" have an
> aditional "Until I delete them" wich help me organize my email not
> only in my pc, but also in my email server.
> Why not to add this function in Evolution?

You haven't stated what type of account you're using: POP or IMAP (or
something else entirely).  Evolution already supports leaving downloaded
messages on a POP server for X number of days.

But from what you describe it sounds like you're trying to use a POP
account (where messages are downloaded from a mail server to a single
computer -- best suited for dial-up or intermittent network connections)
like it's an IMAP account (where messages are left on the mail server
and manipulated through one or more mail client programs -- best suited
for broadband or other "always-on" network connections).

If that's the case you'd be better off using IMAP directly.

In any case, evolution-l...@gnome.org is a better place for these types
of questions.

Matthew Barnes

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